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FlexCode SDK reduces the complexity of integrations by simplifying standard processes

license cost is US$ 35 1 license for 1 device
Software Development Kit

The Advantages & Flexibility you get

Time Saving
Easy to Use
Operating System
Support for Desktop
& Web Applications
Better Software Development Kit

Smooth and Enjoyable Experience

The FlexCode SDK is simple to use based on the needs of your application. providing effective solutions that help development with simple processes. An instant way that is not too basic. Only call the functions required for enroll and verify fingerprints, then FlexCode SDK will automatically complete the enrollment and verification processes. The enrollment process will generate a fingerprint template in text format, which is easily stored and distributed. When attempting to identify a finger, the templates are used to compare the fingerprints scanned. You will receive the verification results regardless of whether you used the same finger or not. FlexCode SDK saves you a lot of time when integrating fingerprint technology into any application.

Programming Language Support

Integration with your application

Flexcode SDK has development tools for any language you work with

Flexcode SDK Video

The Beginner Guide

Fingerspot FlexCodeSDK for
U.are.U 4500 Digital Persona
DB & VB6
FlexCode SDK for
U.are.U Digital Persona
Handling Multiple Matching
FlexCode SDK for
U.are.U Digital Persona
Prevent Multiple Matching
FlexCode SDK for
U.are.U Digital Persona
VB.Net Development
Fingerprint Login
Using FlexCode SDK
Test Speed
Fingerspot FlexCodeSDK for
U.are.U Digital Persona
Using FlexCode SDK
with MySQL and VB.NET
Using U are U fingerprint reader
and FlexCode SDK for trans(action
authorization in Network
Purchase a license
Fingerprint Login for Web
Using FlexCodeSDK + U.are.U + PHP + MySQL
FlexCode SDK for
U are U Digital Persona
Visual C# Development