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Computer will automatically restart after you install FlexCode SDK setup. If not, could be a possibility in your computer have other fingerprint drivers. Please uninstall it and reinstall FlexCode SDK.

Please purchase FlexCode SDK license and you will get VC (Verification Code), AC (Activation Code) and Verification Key at your email in 1x24 hours or no more than 2x24 hours. This information also stored in your account at

We only accept payment thru PayPal at

License fee is $35.

Only the device that you submitted the registration number.

There is no time limit. You can use the FlexCode SDK as long as the device can still be used.

Serial number are on the back of the device. It is usually composed of 11 characters and numbers below the barcode.

Please get device’s registration number and use the first 11 characters and numbers of registration number as serial number.

Example :
Registration Number is {F45448DE-75AA-6B47-99A6-CF1BD96BA001}
So please use F45448DE75A as serial number.

Please download the tool to get device’s registration number. You need to install FlexCode SDK setup file. If you already installed Digital Persona driver before, please unplug the device from USB port, uninstall Digital Persona driver and you must restart the computer. Please see this tutorial

FlexCodeSDK - Purchase a license

Yes, please send your question to

Select Contact Us page to get Support service, please do not ask through the PayPal email account because we rarely check the email account immediately.

We are commit to reply your email in 1x24 hours. If you do not receive a reply within 1x24 hours, please resend your email and make sure you gives the correct email address, especially if contacted via menu 'Client Question’.

No, we do our best to help you. But there are things that can’t technically we did, like how do finger recognition algorithms, we can’t tell it.

There is no time limit. You can download every time we release a new version. Please check regularly and download it for free. But please remember, this is a SDK, we will not often do the update. We also always try to maintain the version compatibility so we hope you don’t need to update your code.

Sorry, we do not accept return after we generate the activation code. Please download the developer guide, samples code, install the setup to your computer, watch the tutorials and send your question to before you purchase the FlexCode SDK license. Please make sure that the FlexCode SDK is suitable for you.

Sorry, we don’t have a free version of FlexCode SDK.

Please read the developer guide in download menu